Annual General Meeting

The Common Room,

At the home of Alan & Jackie Arnot 32, Seventh Avenue, Chelmsford, CM1 4EE

At 3.30pm on SATURDAY 20TH JULY 2019



1.    Apologies for absence 

2.    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on  6TH July 2018

3.    Matters arising from the minutes

4.    Chairman’s report

5.    Treasurer’s report and adoption of the annual accounts

6.    Amendment to the Constitution............change of name of the Organisation.  See separate sheet..................

7.    Election of President for 2019/20

8.    Election of Chairman for 2019/20

9.    Election of Vice-chairman 

10. Election of Secretary

11. Election of Treasurer

12. Election of Membership Secretary

13. Election of committee members (normally seven, or more if agreed by the membership)

14. Any other business

After the AGM afternoon tea will be served, please phone Liz on 01245 440534 confirming you are attending and for catering purposes.  On the day could you phone Jackie & Alan on 01245 699885 with late apologies.


Re Item 6

"After discussion, the committee propose to change the name.......... 

Chelmsford Town Twinning Association to Chelmsford Twinning Partnership 

There are two reasons for the suggested change.

1. Chelmsford has been awarded City status and is no longer a town.  However, our twinning colleagues in Annonay and Backnang find the distinction between 'Town' and 'City' confusing, so, for simplicity, it is suggested we ignore both words 

2. The word 'Association' is old-fashioned and does not reflect what we are trying to do with twinning. The word 'Partnership' is a better description and, additionally, blends in well with our Backnang colleagues use of their word 'Partnerschaft'.

The committee hopes that our membership will approve the change."



Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in the Common Room, Galleywood Heritage Centre, on Friday 6th July 2018.


Present: Alan Arnot, Gloria Nichols, Elaine Oddie, Liz Sutton, Margaret Campbell, Jackie Arnot, Tony Eagleton, Mike Mackrory, Felicity Sturt, Bee Nor and Bernard Wilson and Hal MacLean (Chelmsford Community Radio).

1.    Apologies were received from: John and Doreen Cox, Derek and Sue Gore,  Frank Gill, David Jones, Mick McDonah,  David Matthews, John and Frankie Salmon, Janet Smith,  David and Brigitte Whiteing.

2.    Minutes of the AGM held on 11th October, 2017 were approved, Proposed by Tony Eagleton, Seconded by Gloria Nichols

3.    Matters arising. There were no matters arising.

4.    Chairman’s report.
Alan reported on activity throughout the year including:
i) A successful visit to Annonay by Caprice in October
ii) A meeting he had with the new Mayor of Annonay during this visit to discuss working relationships between the two towns at which a number of possible new links were suggested including Rotary, Young People/Youth Service
iii) A successful stand at Backnang Advent Market, where we had a new stand and a new venue at the coldest Advent Market any of us can remember.
iv) The visit of the Chelmsford Verein from Backnang to the Advent Market in the Cathedral, where they had a successful stand for the first time.
v) The Advent Candle which was presented to Chelmsford Cathedral by Backnang and lit during the Sunday morning service.
vi) Strassenfest: of the committee only Liz was able to attend. Also there were members of Caprice (on private visits) and Chelmsford Community Radio
vii) Social events for members in Chelmsford: a successful New Year meal at Il Palazzo and Easter Afternoon Tea at his home.
viii) Town Twinning is on the agenda for the Chelmsford City Council full Council meeting on Wednesday 18th July
ix) Future plans include a visit by the Backnang Blassorchester to Caprice in October, the upcoming quiz in November and participation in the Advent markets in Backnang and Chelmsford Catherdal.

Alan concluded his report by thanking everyone for attending.

5.    Treasurer’s report and adoption of the annual accounts.
The accounts were approved, proposed by Liz Sutton and seconded by Jackie Arnot.

6.    Election of President for 2018/19
Mick McDonah was re-elected – proposed by Alan Arnot, seconded by Gloria Nichols.

7.    Election of Chairman for 2018/19
Alan Arnot was unanimously re-elected.

8.    Election of Vice Chairman
Gloria Nichols was unanimously re-elected.

9.    Election of Secretary
Liz Sutton was unanimously re-elected.

10. Election of Treasurer
Elaine Oddie was unanimously re-elected.

11. Election of Membership Secretary
Margaret Campbell was unanimously re-elected.

12. Election of Sub Committee Chairmen for Backnang and Annonay
It was decided that these sub committees were no longer required and that all business would be discussed and undertaken by the full committee.  

13. Election of Committee Members
David Jones was unanimously re-elected. 

14. Any Other Business
The Chairman thanked the committee for their hard work throughout the year and Janet Smith for continuing to produce the newsletter (from distant Hastings!). There was a particular vote of thanks and presentation to Liz Sutton for her work as secretary.

After the business of the AGM Hal MacLean of Chelmsford Community Radio spoke of his ideas for future twinning and their current project being undertaken with Backnang.  Members then enjoyed refreshments in the garden.


Friday, 3rd May 2019

8.00 p.m. for 8.15 p.m.

Galleywood Heritage Centre

£10 per head, including Alice’s Tea Party and a bingo card for each round (5 rounds)

More cards available on the night.

Prizes for lines and full cards.

To book your place: Tel: 01245 266437